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August 8th, 2016 by J

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When she blew her candles on her birthday and she got teased into making the ultimate wish of having a group of men with stiff dicks around her, Ashley Scott never thought her friends could go as far as making this wish come true. At her after party, she was taken into a room with all these naked men with their boners ready for sucking and fucking. Scott was in heaven but the hot part of it as she was in heat having to blow on all these cocks and get banged by them too! Not too mention the amount of cum she got on her face when they all exploded on her.

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April 4th, 2016 by J

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Blonde beauty Ashley Scott is an American actress and a model. She starred in a number of television series and films like Jericho, CSI: Miami, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, and S.W.A.T. Her career is not just confined in these though because she was all over the globe for her modelling gigs. She has been to London, Paris, and Miami for a series of fashion shows. And with great exposure comes great number of various acquaintances who eventually opened opportunities for Ashley to explore. We are not even talking about more work and stressful meetings and countless trips to salons and boutiques. Ashley Scott is just like any ordinary celebrity who wanted her me time and do absolutely anything and don’t give a fuck about job and career for a little while. It is one of the secrets why she has stayed in shape and looking gorgeous even she’s about to hit 40.

Modelling schools taught her a lot and some other shits apparently and this included a diet, which would sound taboo to most chicks who aren’t as wild as her when it comes to anything kinky. You may have heard about jizz as some hot protein shake some bitches believe to give them sort of vitamins and boost their appetite for sex. Fortunately, Ashley is one of ’em believers that’s why she enjoys sucking on dicks and begging to be filled up inside her mouth. Just as this video shows, she gives head like a pro and willingly takes all the juice after getting plowed hard and deep on the bed. Ashley says all she does is keep in mind that cum works for her like an aphrodisiac and wanted to truly believe it’s keeping her young and feisty specially when she’s doing wild rounds in the bedroom.

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September 21st, 2010 by LimaBean

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Ashley Scott, star of television’s Birds of Prey and Dark Angel, is shown here onboard a yacht and having a good time while sunbathing under the Carribean sun. Talk about lifestyles of the rich and famous. Notice that she’s very sexy in her skimpy bikini, she boasts of a curvy figure and voluptuous physique. And the photo of this southern belle from Louisiana wearing a sexy white bikini is simply stunning. That skimpy outfit barely covers her body and yet she appears sexy but not sleazy. What a nice photograph to show off her gorgeous body.

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Ashley’s boobs are so perky and luscious. I’d love to grab those floatation devices in, or out of the water! And if you want more of her perky and luscious tits, then go check out these Ashley Scott naked photos, which has lots more Ashley Scott raunchiness for everyone!

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Ashley Scott Gets A Cumshot From Her Man

April 21st, 2010 by LimaBean

Of course the question here is who is that man she just sucked is!  Ashley Scott just got married last 2004 to the producer of The Butterfly Effect so it could be him.  But Ashley Scott is a wild child who likes showing off her pussy and even doing nasty bondage, so I wouldn’t expect her to play it safe.  You know who I think the lucky guy is?  None other than John Cena, her last leading man in the movie 12 Rounds!  Well, what do you think about that piece of news?  A WWE Superstar and our little brunette hottie getting together and doing the horizontal mambo.  Of course all that is just speculation at this point.  All we know is that Ashley sucked some guy’s hard dick, and then got a satisfying cumshot on the face!  That’s good enough for me (as long as there’s a dirty picture available) and that’s probably good enough for Ashley Scott as well.
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Pics of Ashley Scott’s Tits and Pussy

July 14th, 2009 by LimaBean

Let’s face it: it doesn’t get any better than Ashley Scott! Oh yes, this hot mama gives 18 year-old models a run for their money. Just look at those pair of puppies! Those tits are 100% real and despite Ashley’s age (which you wouldn’t believe given the way she looks), they look healthy and perky as ever! Boy would I like to be Ashley’s baby so I could massage those tits and suck them dry. Oh mama!

And if her tits aren’t enough to give you a head-spinning erection, here’s a sneek peek of Ashley Scott’s pretty pink pussy! Look at that thin slice of Pink just beneath a carefully shaped bush. It is calling you – waiting to be licked, fondled, sucked, and best of all, fucked! Man, this hot mama stares as if she were inviting you to bed! She is just so irresistible!

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Ashley Scott Bondage Sessions

November 27th, 2008 by LimaBean

The Huntress is the role most identified with Ashley Scott among all those she’s played in her short career so far.  I guess some of that intense leather-and-crime-fighting feeling must have rubbed off on her, but in a completely opposite way.  Instead of enhancing her natural dominant nature, it looks like she’s developed an interest in being the submissive during kinky sex play.  Well, after being so butch onscreen, why not be a demure little kitty in private, although demure might not be the right word to describe these raunchy, kinky images that have come out.

Ashley Scott with her arms tied behind her in bed is such a sizzling hot situation, and you’ll definitely drool over the way her titties are peeking between the ropes.  I’m sure all our thoughts run along the same lines when it comes to what we’d like to do to her while she’s in that position, right?  Her other picture showing her with a dog collar around her neck attached to a chain is also appealing, but I prefer her all tied up into a pretty package, ready for whatever pleasures I’ve got planned.  And how do you prefer Ashley Scott when in bondage?  You can pick up some ideas by checking out this link and seeing more of Ashley Scott, and other celebs, in kinky erotic situations!

Ashley Scott Completely Nude

November 27th, 2008 by LimaBean

Looks like Ashley Scott’s finally ready to kick her career into high gear, with these nude images of her kicking around the internet.  She ought to realize she’s got a hot bod and she should flaunt it as much as she can, while she can.  Well, there are these pics of Ashley Scott naked and posing erotically, so maybe she’s realized that flaunting her sexy body is going to get her more roles, pronto!  Her last outing was in “Strange Wilderness” where she was hilarious as a dumb-blonde type character, miles away from the intense Huntress role she’s best known for, so you can see that this girl can change gears if she wants to.  Trust us Ashley, going nude would be great for you, and I’m sure those crazy stoner horndogs you were in “Strange Wilderness” with would agree.  Or at least their characters would…

Ashley Scott nude is definitely something we’d all pay to see, right?  Well, click on that link back there to see more of that and put your money where your mouth is!

Ashley Scott Bares Her Boobies

November 27th, 2008 by LimaBean

Ashley Scott is giving fan boys a reason to rejoice (right after cleaning themselves up), with these two pics showing her boobs.  Or should that be showing her boob?  Only one titty is exposed in both these pics after all, though I guess when you put both of them together you can use the plural term!  Well, whether it’s one or two breasts that we see, there’s still no denying that it’s hot!  Any glimpse of a comic book character’s private parts is enough to get the average comic geek hard and ready to squirt anyway, so this little indiscretion of hers should get great mileage with the geek community.

One image has her posing intentionally with her tit out, while the other is a more candid shot of Ashley in what looks like a snap from the set of “Birds of Prey“.  Getting into costume for the scene leaves her topless for a while, and that’s probably why we have this arousing pic.  She’s got nice, juicy juggs, dontcha think?  Well, hopefully there’ll be more to come, but we can always go back and look at all the naughty Ashley Scott stuff that’s already there, which you can find on this site!