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Enjoy The View Of Ashley Scott’s Ass

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

hot ashley scott butt

Ashley Scott, star of television’s Birds of Prey and Dark Angel, is shown here onboard a yacht and having a good time while sunbathing under the Carribean sun. Talk about lifestyles of the rich and famous. Notice that she’s very sexy in her skimpy bikini, she boasts of a curvy figure and voluptuous physique. And the photo of this southern belle from Louisiana wearing a sexy white bikini is simply stunning. That skimpy outfit barely covers her body and yet she appears sexy but not sleazy. What a nice photograph to show off her gorgeous body.

hot ashley scott bikini

Ashley’s boobs are so perky and luscious. I’d love to grab those floatation devices in, or out of the water! And if you want more of her perky and luscious tits, then go check out these Ashley Scott naked photos, which has lots more Ashley Scott raunchiness for everyone!

hot ashley scott cleavage