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Ashley Scott Gets A Cumshot From Her Man

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Of course the question here is who is that man she just sucked is!  Ashley Scott just got married last 2004 to the producer of The Butterfly Effect so it could be him.  But Ashley Scott is a wild child who likes showing off her pussy and even doing nasty bondage, so I wouldn’t expect her to play it safe.  You know who I think the lucky guy is?  None other than John Cena, her last leading man in the movie 12 Rounds!  Well, what do you think about that piece of news?  A WWE Superstar and our little brunette hottie getting together and doing the horizontal mambo.  Of course all that is just speculation at this point.  All we know is that Ashley sucked some guy’s hard dick, and then got a satisfying cumshot on the face!  That’s good enough for me (as long as there’s a dirty picture available) and that’s probably good enough for Ashley Scott as well.
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