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Ashley Scott Bondage Sessions

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

The Huntress is the role most identified with Ashley Scott among all those she’s played in her short career so far.  I guess some of that intense leather-and-crime-fighting feeling must have rubbed off on her, but in a completely opposite way.  Instead of enhancing her natural dominant nature, it looks like she’s developed an interest in being the submissive during kinky sex play.  Well, after being so butch onscreen, why not be a demure little kitty in private, although demure might not be the right word to describe these raunchy, kinky images that have come out.

Ashley Scott with her arms tied behind her in bed is such a sizzling hot situation, and you’ll definitely drool over the way her titties are peeking between the ropes.  I’m sure all our thoughts run along the same lines when it comes to what we’d like to do to her while she’s in that position, right?  Her other picture showing her with a dog collar around her neck attached to a chain is also appealing, but I prefer her all tied up into a pretty package, ready for whatever pleasures I’ve got planned.  And how do you prefer Ashley Scott when in bondage?  You can pick up some ideas by checking out this link and seeing more of Ashley Scott, and other celebs, in kinky erotic situations!